My Favorite Bakery

One of my goals while here is to make sure I have “Italian” interactions every day. It’s easy to do what is easy – go to the base for grocery shopping, go to the restaurants I know speak English, cook dinner at home, talk to the people in the hotel who all speak English, watch TV, etc., but why live here if we aren’t going to actually LIVE in Italy. Fortunately, our hotel is located at the bottom of a town that has all the things we could need and that allow us to go out and speak in Italian – little shops for bread, meat, cheese, and fish, restaurants, and, my favorite, a bakery. This bakery specializes in cookies, but has gelato and cakes as well. It has become my favorite place to practice my Italian šŸ˜‰ Granted, my vocabulary will be slightly limited, but I’m learning useful information. Did you know that “cannolo” is singular and “cannoli” is the plural? Likewise, “biscotto” is singular and “biscotti” is plural. Although I’ve never asked for only one biscotto or one cannolo from there, and I see no reason to.

Gelato gets all the spotlight here, but those Italians sure know how to bake.

One case….



Another case…IMG_7344


Wonderfully wrapped….IMG_7346


Yeah, that’s the good stuff.IMG_7347


And this is how Baxter looks at me when I eat them in front of him:IMG_7351


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One Response to My Favorite Bakery

  1. Christy D says:

    That faaace! So fierce!

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