A Long Overdue Update

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Things have been both wonderfully busy and wonderfully not busy, and blogging hasn’t squeezed it’s way in there. Christmas is approaching, and we are out here getting ready for our Sicilian Christmas. Christmas is a big deal out here, and we’ve both enjoyed everything leading up to it. All the streets are decorated, the bakeries are filled with Panettone and red and green cookies, the air is chilly, and there’s snow up on Mt. Etna. This past weekend we went to two Christmas markets – one down in our little town and one up in the mountain town of Nicolosi. They have little booths filled with crafts and local specialties, and people singing Christmas carols.

We got a (fake) tree (at Ikea) and have it decorated with the ornaments we’ve picked up on our travels. We buy an ornament from everywhere we travel to, so our tree is full of our memories. We are having  few friends over for dinner on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas Day we are going to one of Sean’s coworkers’ house for dinner. A few days after Christmas my friend Michelle is coming out to visit, which we’re really looking forward to.

Right after we got back from Turkey, in the beginning of November, I got to make a quick trip home. I got a part-time job (yay!) that I’m doing from here, but flew back home for a bit to get things set up and figured out with that. It was last minute and unexpected, which made the time I got to spend with family and friends extra-special. It was great to be able to spend a little time at home – I’ve really missed the familiarity and everyone there.

We are sad that we aren’t able to come home for the holidays, but are looking forward to making holiday memories out here. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!


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4 Responses to A Long Overdue Update

  1. Sally Dunbar says:

    We need a photo tour of your tree. Great icons for a book of your travels! Missing you so much this Christmas. Christy just arrived last night, so it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Except for you and Sean. I remember the year you caught me sitting by the stove as I put out Santa’s gifts. Busted! But you believed me when I told you I had fallen asleep for a minute and he must have whisked into the house and left the presents. Saved! Then the year you were in amazement that Santa left the carrot and only ate the chocolate you left out. “He ate the shoklit” – I don’t remember exactly what happened, but the way you pronounce shoklit will forever be seared into my memory. then the Christmas morning you were eating Cheerios and I videoed your new trick – raising your eyebrows up and down. You were so darned cute. There’s also the grand Xmas when Santa brought complete show boarding gear for you both. THAT was one special Xmas. I also remember the Xmas you got a new jungle gym climbing thing – a clever ploy to distract you from the new baby in the house, and to keep you from wanting to poke her eyes out in jealousy. It worked! You climbed, spun around the bars, and perfected your moves with a new audience. And you were proud of your ability to always know why she was crying. “She wants a wadddooo.” (AKA rattle). Enjoy the new memories you will be creating with Sean in your Sicilian Christmas adventure. Love you to the ends of the earth and back – and it looks like you are testing me on that!

  2. Christy Dunbar says:

    This was a good post. I remember that feeling of “Ahhh I haven’t blogged and now theres so much and what do it do??” and I think this was handled well.

  3. Jo says:

    Yay!!! A Roxy post! Hope you and Sean had a great Sicilian Christmas. I will admit though that my favorite part about this post was your mom’s comment with all the cutie Roxybaby Christmas memories 🙂

  4. Mitch T says:

    A very Happy New Year to you and Sean!

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