Home Leave Part I – USA

Part of Sean’s work contract out here is that every year you get a month off and the company pays to fly you and your family home. It’s a pretty sweet perk, especially since you don’t really have the option of taking vacation days otherwise unless you switch shifts with someone else. We’ve been here just short of a year now, and we spent this past month on home leave. Instead of spending the whole month back at home though, we did half of the time there, and half on a trip through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Packing was pretty difficult, because I had to account for below-freezing weather in NYC, and for 95 degrees and humid in Cambodia. But, we made it work.


15 degrees and snowing in NYC….


….followed by 95 degrees and lots of sweat in Cambodia two weeks later

This also meant a whole lotta time in an airplane. We actually circumnavigated the globe! And spent 49 hours in a plane.

home leave map 3Sean’s time off was exactly 30 days, but, I was not bound by such a contract, so I left early for home and spent a few days in NYC with my sister and Steve. New York was really really really cold (like zero degrees in the morning), but it was snowy and beautiful and fun. Christy was off for the week, so it was perfect timing. We spent a lot of time walking around the city, had the Brooklyn Bridge almost all to ourselves, went ice skating, bowling, had some really good food, and saw two Broadway plays. We saw A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, and Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Michael C. Hall (Dexter) in full drag. It was so fun!


Perfectly shaped snowflakes falling from the sky

IMG_0859 IMG_0834IMG_0840


Ice Skating!


New York is so pretty in the snow



I miss a good doughnut

We also spent a few hours at the Intrepid aircraft carrier museum, current home of the Enterprise space shuttle.





Drinks at a rooftop bar

From NYC, I flew home to Sacramento and a couple days later Sean met me there. I’d been back in the US a couple times since we moved to Italy, but this was Sean’s first and only trip home. The two weeks we were there ended up being super busy, but we got to see a lot of people and do quite a bit. We drove to SF twice to visit friends and getting our visa for Vietnam, drove to Oregon for a few days to see family, drove up to Sean’s dad’s house twice to pick up and return his truck, we both worked a few days, and saw lots of friends and family in Sacramento. Plus we had to eat tons of sushi, Thai food, and Mexican food. Sorry to anyone we didn’t get to see! The trip went by faster than we thought, but we’ll be back home for good in a few months:)


Visiting college friends in SF


Family visit in Oregon

jeff car

Race car passenger-ing with Jeff the race car driver

It’s so nice to go home. There are so many things that we miss and miss out on being out here. I love it here, but it’s nice just to be around friends and family and familiar places. The time went by fast, and it was hard to leave, but after two weeks we drove down to the airport and got on a plane to Bangkok. My next post will be about our trip through Southeast Asia…


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2 Responses to Home Leave Part I – USA

  1. Sally Dunbar says:

    I honestly make me want to burst out in tears to see the pictures of you two in NYC. I love the shots of you together, and am so glad you are each other’s best friends. Roxy you and Sean are riding the crest of a wave. I know I don’t have to tell you to enjoy it, becasue you already are doing that. Truly an opportunity of a life time. AND… blown away by the circumnavigation shot. Impressive.

  2. Jo says:

    Amen on the donut.

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