Recent Highlights – Friends, Family, and Staying Cool

Time keeps ticking by out here, and we are really trying to pack it in and enjoy our last few months in Sicily. It’s been miserably hot here. Last summer wasn’t bad and I convinced myself that my 29 years in Sacramento really prepared me for heat, but, no. It’s hot. We’ve sucked it up and just run the AC all summer, and spent a good amount of time in the water.

We’ve had a few wonderful visitors out. Christy came back with us from Greece and her boyfriend Steve met us here, which was great! He booked his ticket literally one week before coming, I think he wins some sort of award for that.

IMG_5622With Christy and Steve, we visited the Turkish Steps. So beautiful, so much good swimming.

IMG_5631 IMG_6203 IMG_6202 IMG_5659We also went up to Lipari for a few days and rented a boat, which is amazing. We spent all day swimming and collecting more obsidian (the natural thing to do when you are shipping your belongings across the world in a few months). This time we brought the GoPro and got some amazing photos.






IMG_6211I have a slight paranoia about swimming in the ocean, or any water where I can’t see the bottom or what’s around me, because I’m about 99% certain that there are sharks lurking at all times ready to eat me. However, the water here is SO CLEAR that I can swim in it with confidence that nothing is coming at me. I think in our two summers here I’ve spent more time in the ocean that my entire life put together.


Ready to swim!


Zero sharks.

My friend Kate also came to visit! Kate was one of my roommates in college and I’m so happy she was able to come spend time out here.

IMG_5853We spent a few days in Malta with my sister. It was hot there too, a big difference from when we went in January. We got upgraded to an ocean view room, spent time in the beautiful water, explored the little town of Mdina, and had some delicious meals.


Ocean view!




Malta’s coastline


One of many delicious, beautiful meals


Really looking forward to getting in that water

Christy flew home from Malta, and Kate returned with me to Sicily for about a week. We did some touring around here, including a boat ride around the Aeolian Islands to see Stromboli erupting. We saw one lava explosion, which I didn’t get a picture of, but seeing the smoking crater was pretty cool.








Smoking crater


Ok, that’s just the moon, not lava.

Kate was flying out of Rome, so she booked her ticket to Rome from Catania a couple days early and I flew up there with her. We did some speed-sightseeing, utilized the air conditioned subway a lot, and had a great trip.


Flying to Rome




I love carbonara

Back in Sicily, the weather has been mercifully changing. Thunderstorms have been rolling in for the afternoons, which I LOVE, and it gives us a nice break from the heat.

IMG_6166 IMG_6179And it makes me a bit less jealous when I get sent pictures from my family on our annual vacation to the Oregon Dunes. I’ll be there next year:)

IMG_6146 IMG_6144


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3 Responses to Recent Highlights – Friends, Family, and Staying Cool

  1. marcy crowley says:

    Roxy! I have been reading all your posts as you take advantage of your time away from Sacramento. I LOVE your descriptions and pictures- make me feel as though I am along on your adventures. You have your mother’s gift for writing and for picture taking. Enjoy the last few months. The fam will be happy to have you home!

  2. Shauna says:

    I can’t believe its almost time for you to come home! I am looking at all these pictures and seeing you with Kate and Meghan and I am seriously kicking myself that I didn’t come visit you. But at least I have all your gorgeous photos to look at.

    Its funny that a lot of the hiking photos I find myself saying, oh that looks like California! At least you aren’t coming home to an ugly state, the transition shouldn’t be too hard on you 😉

  3. It look so much like California here! It really does help it to feel a bit like home:)

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