A Quick Trip Home

Well, we’re almost done with our stay in Sicily. Our movers come in two weeks to pack up our apartment, then we’re in a hotel for two weeks, and then it’s time to come home. Even though we have very little time left in Sicily, I just had to make a quick trip back to the US. My grandma turned 92 in September and we had a big birthday weekend bash for her up in Cle Elum, Washington, and then the following weekend my cousin got married about an hour from there at Lake Chelan. With the opportunity to see both sides of my family just a week apart, I couldn’t resist coming back. So, I flew home mid-September for a few weeks.

Can I just mention my grandma’s passports for a minute? As my mom was gathering up the passports for our little jaunt over the border into Canada, she pulled out my grandma’s old ones. Look at all those stamps! Each passport has pages full of them. She is amazingly well traveled.


So anyway, I flew home and after a couple days in Sacramento, my mom, dad, grandma and I loaded into the car and drove up to Cle Elum. The drive was long, but fun. We drove up highway 97, which I’d never done, and it was beautiful.

We had a great weekend at the Huntley Lodge in Cle Elum. It had a huge communal space, and little cabins tucked away in the woods for people to sleep in. The lodge is out in the middle of Eastern Washington, and beauuuuutiful. Plus, when you fill a place with your family, it’s great no matter what.


The family


Birthday Girl


The oldest and almost youngest

We had the week between the birthday party and the wedding free, and there was no sense in going back to Sacramento just to return to the same area the following weekend. So, we drove up to Canada to stay with my mom’s cousins for the week. Jack and Kathy have a darling little house in Hope, BC. I loved the drive up there and through Canada. It’s so green! And there’s so much water! It was quite the contrast to dry Sacramento.

While in Hope, we hiked every day (even my grandma did!), walked into town, ate great food, and played games. The pictures in the tunnels below are at the Othello Railroad Tunnels in Hope. The railroad was built in 1914, and I know for certain I would not want to be one of the people building the tracks through those granite cliffs with the rushing river below. The railroad was closed in the 1960s, but this section has been converted into a great walking trail.


Strolling through the Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels


Hiking behind Jack and Kathy’s house


Kawkawa Lake


Coquihalla River


Kawkawa Lake


Coquihalla River alongside the Othello Tunnels


Coquihalla river alongside the Othello Tunnels


Hiking with Jack


Othello Tunnels


Othello Tunnels


Hiking with Kathy

After our week up there, we drove a little more back down to Lake Chelan, WA for Greg and Christina’s wedding. They picked a great hotel on the Lake for everyone to stay at. There was a big BBQ for everyone the first night, and then the day of the wedding we got to spend the morning on a walk around the lake, and hanging out on the beach right in front of our room. Not a bad way to spend a day:)


Lake Chelan


Lake Chelan


A huge fire came through here this summer


Morning walk


Pre-wedding relaxation

The wedding was at a nearby winery, a beautiful place! I’m so happy I was able to go.


The ceremony spot




The happy couple!

The next morning we started the loooong drive home. We were going to split it into two days, but decided to just drive straight through. I think the final count was 16 hours in the car that day. All in all, we drove 2,100 miles on that trip.

I had a few more days back in Sacramento before my flight back to Sicily. I got to see a few friends, spend more time with family, and prepare a bit for the move back. And, on my flight back to Italy I had a long layover in LA and got to see my dear friend Joanna, who I haven’t seen since I moved!

Poor Sean has been stuck in Sicily working while I’ve been gone, but he did get to do an awesome scuba trip in Lampedusa!


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  1. Greg Brumann says:

    Wow. That photo of Sean scuba diving is awesome!

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