Two Weeks Left – Moving out and big storms

We’re down to two weeks left here. We moved out of our apartment last week, which was super sad. We loved that little apartment and its huge deck. The movers showed up around 8:30 on Tuesday morning, and by 2:30 in the afternoon, everything was packed, lowered down a lift off our deck, and in the truck. Sean’s company paid for the movers, but I vow to never move again on my own unless I can afford movers. It’s the absolute best thing.


A perfect rainbow on our last morning in the apartment


Movers are the way to go

We scheduled our move at juuuuuust the right time. The next day, a huge storm rolled across the island and hit Catania hard. It dumped rain all day long. Normally on days like that here I just stay home because the roads are so bad, but Sean had to go to work, I had to go to the apartment to clean it, and we had to make a couple trips to the post office on base to mail some stuff home. Everything was flooding so bad. It’s amazing that they haven’t found some resolution to this problem here – it has probably flooded like this at least four times that I can remember while living here. There isn’t sufficient drainage for when it rains hard, so the roads just turn into rivers down to the ocean. Cars are underwater, shops and houses flood, and this time there was even a sinkhole that opened up under one of the roads and a car fell into it. A few photos of my drive during the storm:

IMG_7661 IMG_7666 IMG_7672 IMG_7683 IMG_7677 IMG_7686 IMG_7685 IMG_7705 IMG_7696 IMG_7706


And the calm after the storm

Things were quickly back to normal after the storm (I think it happens so often that they are used to it), and now we’re living in a hotel and closing things out here. One car’s sold, the other we will sell in a couple weeks. The keys to our apartment are handed over to our landlord (and the Sicilians even complemented me on my cleaning!), and Sean is finishing up his last couple weeks at work here. We are trying to pack in a few more things here before we leave. We went to Ottobrata (Oktoberfest) in Zafferana last night, we’re doing a cooking class on Friday, and then beer and cheese tasting on Saturday. I’m making sure to have a few more cannoli, pizza, and bottles of wine, and our hotel has a view of Mt. Etna, so I’m enjoying that. Our belongings are on their way across the ocean, we (hopefully) will see them sometime mid-December!










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5 Responses to Two Weeks Left – Moving out and big storms

  1. Sally Dunbar says:

    It teared me up to think about you leaving your magical adventure as I read your blog out loud to Dave. Seeing you navigate your way through the purchase of Sicilian fruits, veggies and meats at the local market was so touching. Experiencing you maneuver your way through the tiny twisting streets of the Ionian coast was mind blowing. My daughter… speaking and driving Italian! To think that will soon be over as a daily practice even makes ME sad. But I will tell you, I can’t wait to have you and Sean over for dinner (and yes – you’ll have to cook), and to have you help me pack the truck for our dune buggy trips (You are never too old to help me pack), and to witness Grandma beat Sean at Acquire again. Those thoughts almost outweigh the nostalgia of imagining you buying formaggio ubriaco or tradizione pugliese caserecci from a rustic market, from an unshaven Siciliano who selects your items for you, wrapping them in brown paper.

    I am so happy that you both said YES to the potential adventure of leaving your new home and comfortable life for an adventure abroad. But I am also happy that adventure is coming to an end and we get you back! Love you to the ends of the Earth – and know that the Earth is round!

  2. Elizabeth Raab says:

    Time flies!! I hope you guys have a great last couple of weeks!! Hopefully you can figure out a way to smuggle some yummy treats to hell with the withdrawals! Haha! Sienna and I probably have some tips for that! And seeing these photos of the rain remind me of when you were first thinking of heading over and Federico was saying, whatever you don’t don’t get a ground floor apartment because it always floods! I’d completely forgotten until these photos! Wild!

    Buon viaggio da Italia! Ci vediamo presto!!



    compliments of my iPhone…



  3. Jo says:

    I have something much less sentimental to say:

    Are those Italian donuts?

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