My Favorite Photos

I’ve taken about 12,000 photos since we’ve moved here. Here are some of my favorites!


Just a few months after we moved here, Etna erupted. We drove up the mountain at dusk with our camera to see it. It was such a surreal experience watching the eruptions. It’s a powerful, powerful thing and I’ll never forget it.

IMG_6920 (2)

Etna eruptions at night.


Natalia and Mike were our first visitors here. This is up on the rim of one of the craters on Etna.


Fireworks!! This is on New Year’s Eve in Catania.


I love driving through the countryside here. This was in May when Liz came to visit and we were leaving the cooking school we went to. Part of the main highway here collapsed and was closed, so we had to take this detour. It was right at the peak of spring, the wildflowers were blooming. Just lovely.


I did this hike with Grover and Katie. After a couple other times going up here only to find it covered in fog, we finally made it on a clear day. This is a section of Etna that collapsed thousands of years ago and is now a big valley that the lava flows into. The black stuff running down the hill is the remains of a recent lava flow.


These are the salt flats in Trapani. I’d wanted to go here since we moved here and finally made it with Alanna. They’ve harvested salt from here since ancient times.


Sean, the kitten, our deck.


As we were moving out of our apartment, it started storming. This is a couple minutes from our house as I was on my way back to clean it out. I made it through this river, but a mile or two up the road had to turn around. The flooding was so bad that I was afraid I would get stuck and unable to make it back to our hotel.

Sean scuba diving in Lampedusa. I love this photo.


Ragusa on our way back to our hotel after an awesome dinner at Ristorante Duomo.


This is Sean’s standard water pose. Sometimes I’m sitting on the beach and start panicking because I can’t see him, but then I finally spot him floating on his back bobbing up and down in the waves.


Christy at the Turkish Steps

Christy swimming in the clearest water there is in Lipari.

Christy and Steve, I think this photo is so awesome.


Sean scootering in Greece with his little helmet and little backpack and little pink scooter


James took us on this hike through the Samaria Gorge in Crete. Absolutely beautiful.


Sometimes you time the photo just right. Christy and Sean in Athens.


Taken from the boat on Lipari with Panarea and Stromboli on the horizon


Boat day with Asa and Jenna. This was one of my favorite days in Sicily. Here they’re swimming ashore for obsidian.


The Turkish Steps. I actually don’t know who those people are, but I like to pretend that’s me.


I always try to get a window seat flying in and out of Sicily.


Amsterdam, I love all the colors.


The Palatine Chapel in Palermo. This place is absolutely stunning. It’s full of Christian scenes and art, but is done in the Arab-Norman gold mosaic style, like so much of Western Sicily. Layers and layers of history here.


Sean and Jenny in beautiful Cefalu


Wine tasting on a foggy day in Tuscany


More shots out the plane window. Those are the Aeolian Islands below. You can see the volcanic ash plume blowing to the right of Stromboli.


The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Although still unfinished, I think it’s the most beautiful building I’ve ever been in.


The Gothic churches in Barcelona are stunning


The floating market in Vietnam


Etna from the plane in February


Kim and Sean at the top of our hike in Cefalu. It had poured rain the day before and we had a beautiful, clear, sunny day. You can see the runoff from the rain in the sea.


Carnevale in Aci Reale. So. Much. Confetti. I still find it in the house and car.


Carnevale in Aci Reale.


The Saint Agatha festival in Catania. With almost a million people, this is one of the largest religious celebrations in the world. These men are pulling a huge cart with a statute of Saint Agatha and her relics.


Sicilian Blood Oranges

The ceramic steps in Caltagirone


The ceiling at the Royal Palace in Istanbul

IMG_8886 (2)

The Cistern Basilica in Istanbul – such a beautiful place.


The Turkish Steps. I had no idea what this was until we finally wandered down here one day.

grams cat

Grandma and the kitten


My dad swimming in Aci Trezza


Sean and Christy at the mud baths on Vulcano. It took me weeks to get the sulphur smell out of everything.


The rim of the crater on Vulcano. Sulfur steams out of it.

IMG_7676 (2)

Sean and Christy at Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. This is one of the most beautiful and unreal place I’ve ever been.


Plitvice Lakes National Park



Me at Gornergrat in Switzerland


Sean made this:) The beach in Fiumefreddo


Mount Etna lava flows. So, so beautiful.




I loved this door.


Sean, Natalia, and Mike hiking the crater up on Etna


The old, abandoned theater in Catania. This was covered by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes before it was recently uncovered.


Sean and the kitten

IMG_9245 (2)

Michelle and Sean and I were driving from Siracusa to the airport for our flight to Malta when we saw this. We didn’t realize it, but the volcanic ash would cause our flight to be canceled and re-routed to Palermo. Our 35 minute flight turned into an 11 hour ordeal by the time we finally arrived at our hotel at 5am.


Fabrizia’s garden at the Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school.




Panarea and Stromboli in the distance from Lipari.


The Cinque Terra.


One of my favorite places on the island – the Cathedral in Siracusa. This had been a Greek Temple, before being converted to a Christian church, and then a mosque, and now back to a church. You can still see the original pillars of the temple next to the statues of the saints.


Our hike with Asa and Jenna down to Cava Grande.


On boat day with Asa and Jenna we discovered a beach with tons of obsidian. We swam all of this back to the boat from shore. I almost drowned laughing at the ridiculousness of swimming with rocks.


Alcantara Gorge.


Mdina in Malta.


The Acropolis in Athens


Sean and Christy in Athens


Christy at the Samaria Gorge in Crete


Samaria Gorge


Sean, James, and Christy in the water after our hike through the Samaria Gorge. Synchro for life.


Poloroid camera shots in Crete


Sean and Christy doing what they do best.


The Kitten


Me and Kate against one of the doors in Mdina, Malta. I spent our whole time there photoing the beautiful, colorful doors.

IMG_8331 (2)

Sean doing flips in Turkey


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2 Responses to My Favorite Photos

  1. Jo says:

    Every single one of these photos is unreal. And you have nearly two years’ worth 🙂

  2. keri says:

    Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pictures. I don’t know how you picked favorites! I am sure it was difficult to narrow them down. Welcome home!

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