In Summary

Two weeks home and we are getting settled in. We both started work, are mostly unpacked, and are getting back to normal life. I put together a numerical summary of our time in Sicily because….that’s what I do. 

In our time there I flew 63 flights, spent 193 hours and 47 minutes on planes, and flown 80,109 miles (3.2 times around the earth!).

Flight map 2015 11 01

I visited the Catania airport 57 times either picking someone up, dropping someone off, or leaving/arriving on my own flight.

I was in the Rome airport 34 times.

29 people visited us.

I visited 13 countries! Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, Croatia, Malta, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, and Canada.

I read 33 books. My favorites were Seabiscuit, Unbroken, Pillars of the Earth, Fall of Giants, Winter of the World, and Edge of Eternity, Jurassic Park (actually that was the 5th time I read it), and the Art of Racing in the Rain.

I watched too much Netflix. All of Dexter, all of Orange is the New Black, all of Breaking Bad, all of The Office, all of Arrested Development, lots of movies, lots of documentaries.

Of our 579 days, we had visitors here 156 days, were on vacation with visitors 65 days, were on vacation by ourselves 108 days (ok, I was, Sean worked a lot of those days), and were home by ourselves 250 days.

Time in Sicily Chart

I took 19 trips off Sicily, and tons of places in Sicily. We drove through Italy to Switzerland, went to Rome (four times), Croatia, Turkey, Pompeii, Malta, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Puglia, The Cinque Terre, I went to New York twice, home to Sacramento, and took a trip to Canada and Washington with my family.

Map Locations

map locations zoom

We drove about 35,000 miles in Italy with zero car accidents. I am very proud of (and surprised at) that. 

I spent 165 nights over the past 19 months in a hotel room.

I won’t say here what our average monthly expenditures were 🙂


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Discovering life in Sicily.
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3 Responses to In Summary

  1. Mary kuhl says:

    Welcome home Roxy and Sean!
    Doug and Mary

  2. Lindsay says:

    Your such a nerd 😛 What a year-plus for you two! Glad your back at home base ❤

  3. Jo says:

    The best. I am curious about the last bit too!

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